Update from an Alumnus

September 08, 2012

Rev. Will Metzger (BD '65), IVCF campus minister at University of Delaware

I've been in campus ministry since 1965, initially serving InterVarsity Christian Fellowship itinerating among about 16 campuses in Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Delaware. In 1974, I requested to concentrate at the University of Delaware. Since then it has been my joy to watch the Lord save and mature many who are now scattered around the US and the world—active in numerous churches as leaders and laypersons.  

Many have wondered about my continuing connections with a parachurch ministry (InterVarsity). I've been able to show many students the importance of the local church (I am ordained in the PCA). Yet I long to be in touch with God's family across denominational lines. This has opened the doors to influence others for the reformed faith as well as for me to learn from them.

My one and only book is Tell the Truth, IVP, 4th edition to be released in December, 2012. It is a manual on evangelism training for groups or individuals with an emphasis on theology as a foundation for your methodology in witnessing. The Doctrines of Grace have motivated me and I wish to help others see their importance for evangelism. Because I've been in ministry of this type for so long, I've been able to develop a number of worksheets/exercises which are in the appendix.

While at Westminster I often wanted to quit and do ministry. I'm glad I didn't. I stretched the 3 years into 4 and got through. There, I was given a foundation from scripture and the wisdom of church history. I have ministered primarily in a secular campus situation and this foundation enabled me to diagnose the needs of non-Christrians and young believers, using the appropriate "word knives" in scripture to wound and heal.  One professor had advised the students to choose a subject and deepen the knowledge of it over a lifetime.  I began with the doctrine of scripture, but found myself drawn to evangelism.

Of the many things I've had to learn to do ministry [after graduating from Westminster] here are some: how to connect with people, listen, analyze, observe situations, discern which battle to fight, and try different resources and approaches. I love to preach and teach, yet my ministry has evolved in a willingness to work indirectly with people. I must let them do things they are not quite ready for and develop their gifts. Taking a back seat and watching and then reviewing what they have done has tried my patience and yet God has used this to mature many in their faith.

Please pray for Rev. Metzger as he continues to teach young men and women at the University of Delaware scriptural truths. 

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