Dr. Trueman Speaking at SBTS

September 10, 2012

Gheens Lectures, September 11-12

Dr. Carl R. Trueman has accepted an invitation from President R. Albert Mohler Jr. to deliver the Gheens Lectures at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this fall. His chosen topic will be ‘We are Beggars! Martin Luther as Theological Pastor.’

“It is a great honor to be asked to deliver these lectures,” said Dr. Trueman. “I hope to use the opportunity to explore the relationship between Luther’s theology and his pastoral practice. Luther has been interpreted from many angles – as late medieval thinker, as ecclesiastical reformer, as Freudian case study and even as a proto-existentialist; yet, as Timothy Wengert has commented, Luther as pastor has been virtually ignored. This is a stunning fact, given that he was, above all, a shepherd of souls. Luther’s theology and pastoral practice were intimately connected and a study of their relationship in this particular instance is instructive for developing a richer understanding of Luther's Reformation.”

The Gheens Lecture series was established in 1958 through the generosity of the family of the late C. Edwin Gheens.  Recent lecturers have included D.A Carson, Simon Gathercole, Millard Erickson, Graeme Goldsworthy and Westminster’s Gregory K. Beale.