GA Reports

August 18, 2012

From Jonathan Brack and Jared Oliphint

In June, both the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) held their annual general assemblies. Westminster sent several staff members to each of these assemblies to connect with alumni who are serving in congregations of these two denominations throughout the country. Each staff member was greatly encouraged by the alumni present at these events. This year the PCA and OPC Westminster Alumni were gifted a copy of Did God Really Say? and Machen’s Letters from the Front, both of which are available at the Westminster Bookstore.

See below for brief recaps from Jared Oliphint and Jonathan Brack

John Currie and Jared Oliphint at PCA GA
Rev. John Currie and Jared Oliphint at the PCA GA.  Photo courtesy of the Presbyterian Church in America.  More photos of this year's GA can be found here.

On the PCA GA, from Jared Oliphint

From June 18-22, the General Assembly for the Presbyterian Church in America met in Louisville, KY and provided Westminster an opportunity to reconnect with alumni and friends. Aside from the impromptu dinners, lunches, and coffee time with alumni, there was an excellent turnout that Wednesday evening for the annual Alumni Dinner. Rev. John Currie hosted the event and Rob Edwards (M.Div., 2000) gave a well-received and timely message about the resurrection’s relevance for pastors facing fatigue. President Dr. Peter Lillback also gave a brief update on the state of the seminary to wrap up the dinner. Thanks to the Westminster alumni who were there and shared in fellowship, and thank you for your continual service to the church. We’ll see you next year in Greenville, SC during the week of June 18th!

On the OPC GA, from Jonathan Brack

Also, read a review of the OPC GA from the OPC website here.

This years OPC general assembly was an excellent reaffirmation of the shared values Westminster Theological Seminary continues to hold alongside the denomination that Machen and Van Til founded.  The opening sermon delivered by Rev. Danny Olinger, featured multiple references to our own founding faculty.  It was also reassuring to know that the reformed confessional polity that is taught in Westminster’s classroom is still being acted out faithfully in the OPC. This year's Westminster alumni breakfast included faithful alumni such as Dr. Richard Gaffin, Dr. George Knight III, John Muether, Rev. Clawson, Rev George Cottenden, Rev. Chad Bond, and Rev. Mark Sallade to name a few.  I spoke about my personal indebtedness to Westminster scholarship growing up as a son of an OPC pastor.  Subsequently, OPC pastor and Lecturer in Practical Theology, John Currie, spoke about the current blessings and needs of the seminary.  We are continually thankful for the sacrifice and Christ-like service of the Westminster alumni serving in the OPC and we look forward to next year’s alumni breakfast at the 80th OPC G.A. in Moraga, California.