The Heart of God for Muslims

June 13, 2012

Legacy Conference: The Gospel is the Power of God to Save...Even Muslims.

Rev. Dr. David Garner will be one of the plenary speakers at this year's Dearborn Legacy Conference in the Dearborn/Detroit MI area.  Also speaking at this year's conference are Jay Smith, Bassam Madany, Bill Nikides, Georges Houssney, and Abdu Murray.

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From the conference website:

This conference is for "regular people" like you and me, not just missionaries or missions professionals.  It is meant to inform, inspire and challenge you in your faith, especially in relation to the heart of God for Muslims, in America and around the world. We want to teach you biblical priniciples on wisely and lovingly relating the gospel to Muslim people around you, and the skills to do that. But Legacy is also about thinking.  Thinking biblically.  Thinking intelligently.  Thinking lovingly.

Legacy is about the heart and the mind of the believer.  We want to stimulate and celebrate sound thinking about God as he is revealed in His Son Jesus (2 Cor. 4:6); about His passion to fill the earth with his glory (Hab. 2:14); and about his master plan to gather the nations to Himself, bringing all things under Christ (Eph 1:7-10).

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