Westminster's Reaccreditation

March 14, 2012

On February 29th, Westminster received the official confirmation of our reaccreditation for a period of ten years (until fall 2021) by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) Board of Commissioners based upon the Commissioner's review of Westminster's Self-Study report and the ATS Evaluation Team Report from their October site visit. The Board of Commissioners affirmed the recommendations of the Evaluation Team Report with minor changes to the due dates of the follow-up reports.

It is significant and positive that the ATS Board issued no "notations", warnings regarding an accreditation standard. It is a very normal part of the accreditation process for an institution to be required to submit follow-up reports.

“We give thanks to God for his generous provision of a positive report from the ATS Board of Commissioners. There is a lot of work left to be done, and we are thankful for the many people willing to work towards maintaining Westminster’s accreditation in the coming years." Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback, president of the seminary.

The ATS Board of Commissioner's Statement is as follows:  

1. To reaffirm accreditation of Westminster Theological Seminary for a period of ten years (fall 2021)
2. To approve all Westminster degree programs
3. To approve the London extension site
4. To encourage that attention be given to maintaining and enhancing the following distinctive strengths:

  • A vibrant commitment to Reformed confessionalism that forms the core of the seminary’s identity.
  • An effective writing center devoted to fostering students’ ability to write carefully and thoughtfully.
  • A significant bookstore operation that generates considerable good will and revenue for the Seminary.

5. To take actions regarding the following areas of needed improvement:

To require a report by September 1, 2014, regarding the following:

  • Showing evidence of a sustainable business plan that provides for stable and predictable sources of revenue, including an effective institutional advancement program.
  • The implementation and results of regular and ongoing assessment of the library to include the collection in view of the seminary’s degree programs, the patterns of library use, the library services, and the library’s personnel.
  • Evidence of ongoing, sustainable, comprehensive, and systematic assessment of programmatic student learning outcomes for each degree program. 

To require a report by May 1, 2015, regarding plans and progress to address increasing the diversity in race, ethnicity, and gender among the voting members of the faculty.