Return to Uganda

March 05, 2012

An update from Westminster Alumnus, Abel Wankuma-Kibbedi (M.Div., '11)

Immediately after graduation, I left for home (Uganda) with my family. We were fearful of so many things. After four years at Westminster, we did not know what life would be like at home. There were many political riots at the time, so we came back amidst a lot of uncertainties. I remember praying with a Westminster faculty member, and he has encouraged me with his constant prayers. God is faithful to do what He promised – we have settled in well. Uganda feels like home again, even though we miss America.

My wife has a part-time lecturing position in counseling at Uganda Christian University which started at the beginning of this year, and I have an Assistant Pastor position with the Church of Uganda, Iganga.  I was also appointed to a full-time lecturing position in the Faculty of Education, Languages and Literature Department at the same university as my wife. I am currently teaching Greek to Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity students. So far, I have revised the syllabus to get us to use Machen’s familiar New Testament Greek for Beginners.  With this came an unexpected appointment for me to head the Honours College where I serve as Coordinator. For these blessings we give glory to God for giving us opportunity to serve.

For all we have been through and for where we are going, we give thanks to God. Here are some specific ways to pray:

  • Pray for us that Uganda might not deteriorate into political anarchy as this will grossly affect many Christians in the region.
  • Please pray for us as we continue to serve under very hard financial hardships- though we have work to do, there is little to take home from the University and nothing from the pastorate.
  • Pray for the church in Uganda that we might experience a kind of growth that is deep, rather than superficial.
  • Pray that the Christian body might have enough influence to stand against the wave of secularism and Islam that are battering different sections of the continent.