Business Ethics Today: Stealing

May 08, 2012

Papers from the 2011 Business Ethics Conference are now available in print.

Westminster Seminary Press has now published the papers from the 2011 Business Ethics Conference: Business and the 8th Commandment: Business Ethics Today: Stealing.

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Publisher's Description: Business Ethics Today: Stealing endeavors to consider the 8th Commandment and its implications on how we do business. Using the Westminster Larger Catechism, specifically Questions 140, 141, and 142, this text considers the duties required and sins forbidden in the commandment “You Shall Not Steal.”

Stealing has five sections: 1) Theological Framework, with two papers, 2) The Role of Property Rights in God’s World, with two papers, 3) Social Structures and the 8th Commandment, with two papers, 4) Specific Examples for the Application of the 8th Commandment to Business, and 5) Church Leaders Helping the Business Person Keep the Eighth Commandment, with two papers. The overall theme of each section and its chapters starts with the fundamental principal or understanding of the overall role of Christianity in developing commerce ethics.

This text considers the positive implications of obeying the Eighth Commandment in addition to the negative aspects normally considered in a discussion on stealing. As such, many of the writers have entertained the compelling question “What would the world look like if no one stole?” in connection to their individual topics being considered.

Preceding each section is an editorial comment on the group of papers and a specific comment on each paper. The Introduction and Editorial Comments are designed to aid the reader, making this text a wonderful tool for the individual and small group study!

Men like Peter Lillback, Robert Doll, Wayne Grudem, Bill Edgar, Philip Clements and Philip Ryken have each written chapters engaging in these important discussions in Business Ethics. With these men and many others, Business Ethics Today: Stealing, is a must read for anyone passionate about doing business in God's world.

“Unless you are living on another planet you would have to have been deeply affected by the global economic crisis. Although the issues are complex, one of them is not. Greed has to be at the center of the dysfunction of our employment, our markets, and the downturn. Biblical Christians recognize greed as a violation of the eighth commandment. But they don’t stop with the negative, “thou shalt not steal.” Embedded in the commandment is a positive, a way of life that is generous, grateful, respectful of property and honoring to God. The present volume is a marvelous guide through the many issues raised by the eighth commandment and the grace-filled life of those who follow it. It deserves a wide recognition and a large readership..”
Rev. Dr. William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics

Order your copy at the Westminster Bookstore!