Where Are They This January?

January 17, 2012

Our faculty are asked to speak all over the world. Here are where some of our faculty will be speaking this January:

K. Scott Oliphint    Tim Witmer    William Edgar    Carl Trueman   Jeff Jue



OliphintK. Scott Oliphint

Teaching and Preaching in Jakarta, Indonesia

The nation of Indonesia is spread out across 17,500 islands, and Rev. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint, professor of apologetics and systematic theology, has been invited to speak on one of those islands.  He will be teaching at The International Reformed Evangelical Seminary in Jakarta, Indonesia from January 16th to the 26th.  He will also be preaching twice at the Reformed Evangelical Church, where Dr. Stephen Tong teaches.  He will be teaching a course on the Doctrine of God, as well as a course on the Principles of Christian Apologetics.

Pray for the work of Stephen Tong and the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary in Jakarta. 

Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world by population, and over 80% of the people are Muslim.  Over the last 50 years, the evangelical church has grown tenfold, from 1.3 million people to 13 million.  However, there is a great challenge there to reach the vast country.  With over 17,500 islands strewn over nearly 10 million square miles of ocean, there are 722 languages and even more ethic groups and religious expressions.  Also, the Church faces persecution there from militant Islamicists.  The challenge is great, but it is Westminster's prayer that many would come to know Christ in the country of Indonesia, and that God would continue to bless the work of the men and women working for the Kingdom there.

Statistics and information from Operation World.  For more ways to pray for all countries in the world, visit

Tim WitmerWitmer

Speaking at the Desiring God Pre-Conference

Rev. Dr. Timothy Witmer, professor of practical theology, will be speaking at the pre-conference for the upcoming Desiring God pastor's conference: God, Manhood, and Ministry.  Dr. Witmer will be speaking on the theme of "The Shepherd Leader", held at the Hilton Minneapolis from 1:00 - 4:00 PM on January 30. Along with refreshments, every attendee will receive a copy of Dr. Witmer's book, The Shepherd Leader.

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The Shepherd LeaderThe Shepherd Leader

The Shepherd Leader is a book that strives to bring the importance of shepherding to the forefront of our thinking about what church leaders should do and, therefore, what they should be. Too many church leaders perceive of themselves as a "board of directors" when the Bible is clear that they are to know, feed, lead, and protect the flock entrusted to their care.

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EdgarWilliam Edgar

Speaking at the Francis Schaeffer Conference

Rev. Dr. William Edgar, professor of apologetics, will be speaking at the Francis Schaeffer conference hosted by Christ Presbyterian Church in New Braunfels, TX.  The conference will be on Friday and Saturday, January 27th and 28th.

Download a PDF with conference and registration information here.

"Just as there arose in the land a new Pharaoh who knew not Joseph, so the present generation risks not knowing Francis Schaeffer. This would be sad, not for nostalgic reasons, but because his thought and work shaped a remarkable number of Christian leaders who are now developing and applying the great vision of this mentor." Rev. Dr. William Edgar.

Francis August Schaeffer
January 30, 1912 – May 15, 1984
Pastor, Missionary, Christian Philosopher, Writer, Apologetics Pioneer

"Born to Lutheran parents in Germantown, Pennsylvania and converted from agnosticism in high school, Francis Schaeffer enrolled at Hampden-Sydney College, where he was awarded outstanding Christian student in 1935 and where he met and married Edith, the “missionary kid” with whom he eventually had four children. Upon completion of studies at Westminster and Faith Theological Seminaries (1938), he served in pastorates at churches in western Pennsylvania and the St. Louis area for nine years. Subsequently he moved his family to Europe (1948) to work in missions. Eventually settling in Switzerland, the Schaeffers founded L’Abri, a youth-oriented study center and community which served as a haven for scores of seekers.

"Schaeffer authored 23 books, became known internationally as a defender of biblical infallibility and authority, and led the way in calling the attention of American evangelicals to the abortion issue. Schaeffer encouraged believers to think about what they believed and challenged Christians to embrace absolute truth.

"It is widely held that few Christian thinkers of the 20th century have exerted greater influence than Schaeffer. Of this unique servant of God, President Ronald Reagan said, 'His life touched millions of souls and brought them to the truth of their Creator.'"

Download a PDF with conference and registration information here.

Carl TruemanTrueman speaking

Speaking at the Calvary Grace Conference - Learning from the Past, Living in the Present

Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman will be speaking at the 4th annual Calvary Grace Conference at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Calgary, AB January 20th and 21st.

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Message from Clint Humphrey, pastor of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary:

Joining us to speak on the topic [of the relevance of the Reformation] is Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Trueman is an esteemed church historian who offers insight into contemporary Christian issues from the perspective of the history of orthodoxy.

Dr. Trueman will be speaking on three individuals that have left large footprints from the time of the Reformation to today: Martin Luther, John Calvin and Menno Simons. For a Reformation conference, Luther and Calvin are standard fare, but Menno Simons is not. However, in Canada the Mennonites have come to exert a great deal of influence on evangelicalism, yet few understand how Menno Simons related to other Reformers with whom he was a contemporary.  

Luther's advocacy of a theology of the cross was matched with his determination to be a theologian of the cross. Flawed in large ways, yet a giant in the history of the Church,  Luther is a figure of abiding relevance to pastors and churches. 

John Calvin continues to be a misunderstood man who is often caricatured as a monster more than the theologian of the Holy Spirit.  Yet with the rise of the so-called Young, Restless, & Reformed movement, John Calvin has become cool. Is this new appreciation of Calvin based on real insight or more caricatures?

Please consider this your invitation to join us as we reflect on God's grace to the Church through the centuries and today.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Clint Humfrey


Jeff JueJeff Jue

Speaking at the Center for Pastoral Refreshment at Westminster Seminary California

Rev. Dr. Jeff Jue, professor of church history and Stephen Tong Chair, will be speaking at the Center for Pastoral Refreshment at Westminster Seminary California, Winter Conference. The conference will be January 30th -February 2nd.