The Relevance of the Reformation

January 02, 2012

Learning from the Past, Living in the Present

Rev. Dr. Carl Trueman will be speaking at the 4th annual Calvary Grace Conference at the Coast Plaza Hotel in Calgary, AB January 20th and 21st.

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Message from Clint Humphrey, pastor of Calvary Grace Church of Calgary:

Joining us to speak on the topic [of the relevance of the Reformation] is Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Trueman is an esteemed church historian who offers insight into contemporary Christian issues from the perspective of the history of orthodoxy.

Dr. Trueman will be speaking on three individuals that have left large footprints from the time of the Reformation to today: Martin Luther, John Calvin and Menno Simons. For a Reformation conference, Luther and Calvin are standard fare, but Menno Simons is not. However, in Canada the Mennonites have come to exert a great deal of influence on evangelicalism, yet few understand how Menno Simons related to other Reformers with whom he was a contemporary.  

Luther's advocacy of a theology of the cross was matched with his determination to be a theologian of the cross. Flawed in large ways, yet a giant in the history of the Church,  Luther is a figure of abiding relevance to pastors and churches. 

John Calvin continues to be a misunderstood man who is often caricatured as a monster more than the theologian of the Holy Spirit.  Yet with the rise of the so-called Young, Restless, & Reformed movement, John Calvin has become cool. Is this new appreciation of Calvin based on real insight or more caricatures?

Please consider this your invitation to join us as we reflect on God's grace to the Church through the centuries and today.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Clint Humfrey

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