ATLA Cartoon Contest Winners

December 09, 2011

Westminster students have swept the ATLA cartoon contest for the second straight year!

During Theological Libraries Month in October, the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) held a cartoon caption contest.  Last year, alumnus Rev. Craig Combs won for both cartoon captions.  This year, Rev. Carlton Wynne (PhD candidate) and Dean Chia (MAR student) entered the winning captions.  Congratulations to Carlton and Dean!

TLM 2011 Cartoon Contest
The Winners Have Been Selected!

 Dean Chia

Who's the real Illuminati now, Dan Brown?  
Submitted by Dean Chia.


Carlton Wynne

Billy was shocked to find that the waiting period for an inter-library loan was down to three minutes after the Superfriends started volunteering.  
Submitted by Carlton Wynne.