Rev. Chung With the Lord

December 04, 2011

Alumnus Bryan (Hai Joong) Chung (MDiv ’10) died on November 3rd, 2011 of a heart attack. 

Bryan was the husband to current student, Grace Chung.  He was a pastor at Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church.

Please lift up Grace and her two daughters in prayer as they mourn the death of their husband and father, Bryan.

A Note from Grace Chung, Bryan’s wife:

Many know the depth of Bryan’s love for Westminster, the connection he felt to his professors who taught him so diligently and to the fellow students who graced our lives the last 6 years. God's blessings were overwhelming for Bryan as a seminary student and pastor, and I often heard him say, "I am so blessed since Westminster". He continued his readings and studies after he graduated last year, and he said to me a few days before he died that he was finally understanding Vos and his study of Greek was rewarding. I witnessed a wonderful transformation in him, that of a humble Christian transformed to even more of a humble servant of God. He loved Jesus and totally enjoyed going to work 24/7.

Even though he had a short life, he was never more honored than when he was ordained (March '11). He threw himself into his new life as a pastor. His last weeks were filled with street evangelism, visitations, speaking to and praying for our unbelieving neighbors, and joyously preparing his sermons as if it was his last sermon. He preached a wonderfully relevant sermon on Luke 7 titled "The Faith of the Centurion" for the congregation on November 2, blessed them, and went home. He died in my arms that night, and although we had no warning that that was his last sermon, I heard him praising God and wishing for more faith with his last breath.

I greatly mourn my loss and my children's loss, but even as we are working through our grief, we look forward to a new adventure God has in store for our family of three. I ask for your prayers for me and our girls, Esther (18) and Elizabeth (16), that we may continue to fight the good fight until we are called home.

Chung family at Rev. Chung's ordination
Rev. Bryan Chung with family at his ordination.