Note from the President

November 05, 2011

Westminster is pleased to report that its MDiv enrollment, at 243, is the highest number ever in the history of its Philadelphia campus, surpassing the 220 high mark of 2006. This comes after discontinuing campus locations in Dallas and NYC. We are blessed with this growth but realize it stretches us in terms of space, faculty and other needs. We ask that you stand with us as we continue to serve our core program.

Part of our strategic plan has been to strengthen the standards for our PhD program, and so in the same time from 2006 to 2011 we have moved from 88 to 62 students. This was an intentional effort on our part as we have strengthened the standards for our premier PhD students. Other programs have maintained relatively stable and as we look to the future we are hoping that the Lord will continue to let us grow as it is our core mission to train pastors and leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ. Rejoice with us.

Dr. Peter A. Lillback