World Reformed Fellowship

October 25, 2011

Promoting Reformed Partnerships Worldwide

Recently, Westminster welcomed back the Rev. Dr. Sam Logan, former president of Westminster, to talk about his role as International Director of World Reformed Fellowship (WRF). Dr. Logan was joined by the Dr. Rick Perrin, chairman of the WRF.

Dr. Logan spoke with a group of Westminster faculty, staff, and students about WRF's history and core projects.  He is greatly encouraged that through the Fellowship, many Reformed believers from different countries and backgrounds are able to come together and work for the expansion of God's kingdom throughout the world.

Westminster is a member of the World Reformed Fellowship.  The WRF is one of the ways that WTS seeks to proclaim the whole counsel of God to a changing world.

Dr. Lillback, Dr. Perrin, Dr. Logan, Rev. Cottenden
Pictured, L-R: Rev. Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster; Rev. Dr. Rick Perrin, chairman of WRF; Rev. Dr. Sam Logan, international director of WRF; and Rev. George Cottenden, Westminster board member.

The mission of the World Reformed Fellowship is to promote understanding, cooperation and sharing of resources among member of evangelical and reformed Christians in the advancement of the Gospel. 

The World Fellowship of Reformed Churches (WFRC) was formed in 1994 by the Presbyterian Church in America, the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico, the Presbyterian Church of Brazil, and connected evangelical denominations from most of the countries of Latin America plus churches in India, East Africa and the United States. The International Reformed Fellowship (IRF) was also organized in 1994 to join evangelical Reformed leaders from Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and all across Asia.

In Orlando, Florida (USA) on October 24, 2000, the WFRC and the IRF joined together to create the first Reformed, evangelical, worldwide fellowship. The ministry today is now known as the World Reformed Fellowship (WRF).

The WRF promotes Reformed thinking, a Reformed world and life view, fosters evangelism and strategies on missions, church planting and theological education, and promotes international communication for the further advancement of the Gospel.

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