Introducing Romans

July 17, 2011

New book by Alumnus Rev. Dr. Paul Jeon (MDiv '05)

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Publisher's Description: The letter of Romans has changed countless lives, and it can change your life as well! If you have ever wanted to know God, there is no better introduction other than Romans. The depth and length of the letter, however, have discouraged many people from exploring it. This short book was written to help you start that exploration—an exploration that you will take again and again throughout your life. I have no doubt that your life will never be the same after experiencing this majestic letter.


"Calvin, in his dedicatory letter to Simon Grynaeus, which prefaced his commentary on Romans, recalled they had often discussed that 'the chief excellency of an expounder consists in lucid brevity.' I contend here that Dr. Paul Jeon has given us an initiation, of lucid brevity, into Romans and the wonders of God's sovereignty and grace. I am quite certain that though it is short and designed to rouse our interest in further study, we will find ourselves coming back to it again and again, and gleaning from it insights anew. In that way, it thoroughly mirrors the letter on which it expounds."
- From the Preface by Paul Jin

Rev. Dr. Paul Jeon graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary with an M.Div. Degree. He is an ordained teaching elder for the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and is currently serving as an assistant pastor for Christ Central Presbyterian Church (CCPC) in Vienna, VA. He recently received his doctorate from the Catholic University of America.

Order your copy at the Westminster Bookstore!