Reeder on Westminster

July 05, 2011

Dr. Harry Reeder, Westminster alumnus (MDiv, '82) and board member.

Dr. Reeder talks in a recent video about the impact Westminster has on the world through its alumni, and how you can pray for the future of Westminster:

"I think Westminster has a very unique role.  Someone might say, 'How can it possibly be unique, how many seminaries are there out there?'  Honestly, and it's not because I'm a graduate, I think Westminster is very unique.  I think it's unique in its commitment to make sure that we are producing the next generation of pastors who know how to handle the Scripture, who know how to proclaim the Word of God, and who know how to give pastoral leadership.  I believe that's our number one calling, that is what we're here to do.

"Actually, I'm not sure that we aren't on the cusp of doing that better than we ever have before.  I think that we are not only teaching people how to handle the scriptures, but we're doing a better job at teaching preaching, we're doing a better job at teaching pastoral ministry.  One of the reasons is we're doing a better job of embedding the student in the life of the church while they're developing their academic credentials, instead of divorcing the two.  I'm pretty excited about that."

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