Reader Quotes

What Our Readers Say About The Westminster Theological Journal

"In the pace of pastoral work, the Westminster Theological Journal keeps my mind geared to solid theological reflection. I am thankful for the Journal’s ability to mold my thinking to the biblical and Reformed themes which frame the whole of my work as a minister.”

Joseph. F. Ryan, Senior Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas

"The Journal maintains a salutary balance of exegetical, historical and systematic essays and ably reviews new literature in these fields for a broad constituency without any diminution of its commitment to the Reformed faith.”

Richard A. Muller, Zondervan Professor of Historical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary

"When graduating students ask me what periodicals I would recommend to them, I invariably include Westminster Theological Journal for its scholarly, full-length reviews of important books and for its solid, orthodox articles. It is an ever-renewed challenge to thinking persons.”

Roger Nicole, Professor Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Within the conservative tradition The Westminster Theological Journal has been on the cutting edge of biblical, historical and systematic theology for [sixty] years. Articles in each of these fields have demonstrated true brilliance and pushed open new doors of investigation, especially in Reformation studies and Puritanism.”

Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"In its early years The Westminster Theological Journal was an oasis in the intellectually parched ground of American conservative Protestantism. It provided an important stimulus to the revival of American evangelical thought, a revival in which the Journal continues to play a large and constructive role.”

Mark A. Noll, Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

"The Westminster Theological Journal has a long and honorable history of intelligent exegetical and theological discussion in the Reformed tradition. Its book reviews are nearly always a cut above the mainstream in quality and penetration. I cannot imagine a responsible theological library that would want to be without this journal.”

D.A. Carson, Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School