Westminster Speaks

It has become a truism to speak of the globalization of world culture. McDonalds, the world-wide web, the Visa card, rap music, cell phones, all these represent icons of the network that has become our common experience around the world. Inevitably, such globalization has affected the church.
Posted January 1, 2003 By William Edgar

PEACEMAKER MINISTRIES: Our annual conference theme this year, Christ, the Cornerstone of Reconciliation, comes from one of the four core convictions of Peacemaker Ministries, that genuine peace between people can be found only through Jesus Christ. When you hear that, what thoughts come to your mind?

ED WELCH: My first thought is that I had better know Jesus Christ if I am going to be some sort of ambassador of reconciliation.

Posted January 1, 2003 By Edward T. Welch

Walter Brueggemann represents the majority opinion when he identifies Psalm 8 as a "song of creation" that gives "articulation to creation faith." Read in connection with the creation story, the psalm bears witness to the dignity and worth that all humans have despite the Fall. Accordingly, the "man" and the "son of man" in v. 4 are usually interpreted "in an entirely democratic fashion" to refer to humanity in general. The fact that the New Testament understands Jesus to be the "fulfillment" of the psalm does not diminish its general application to the dominion that all humans exercise over creation.

Posted July 1, 2003 By Douglas J. Green