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The recent visit from China’s President, Hu Jintao, has caused many, including Christians, to worry. China now claims the world’s second most robust economy, having just surpassed Japan. Only a few years ago China was reclusive, and generally wary of international diplomacy. Today, the country is burgeoning. It has become a significant lender. It brokers agreements along the Pacific Rim. It has a large military. And while Hu did not seize the occasion of his visit to lecture the U.S. nor to plead for greater power for the Yuan, there is no question that China desires to make its presence known around the world

Posted February 7, 2011 By William Edgar
It has become a truism to speak of the globalization of world culture. McDonalds, the world-wide web, the Visa card, rap music, cell phones, all these represent icons of the network that has become our common experience around the world. Inevitably, such globalization has affected the church.
Posted January 1, 2003 By William Edgar