Westminster Dedicates Historic Torah Scroll

Location: Westminster Theological Seminary

This fall, Westminster will be honored to receive a historic Torah scroll from Ken and Barbara Larson. Over the years, the Larsons have been collecting Torah scrolls and donating them, as a ministry, to seminaries across the globe in support of institutions committed to biblical truth. To date, the Larsons have donated a total of 27 scrolls.

Westminster is thrilled to be receiving one of these remarkable scrolls, which has been decommissioned for use in the Jewish synagogue. This particular scroll, which is 100 feet in length, contains the first five books of the Bible. The Larsons hope that this unique scroll will serve as a reminder not only of the precious nature of Scripture but also of the importance of its preservation—a preservation which the Jewish community has maintained with incredible dedication. The Larsons also hope that this scroll will prove to be an invaluable tool to Westminster faculty and students as they seek to further their knowledge of God’s Word and its application to their ministry.

In honor of this stunning piece of our spiritual heritage, Westminster will host a dedication ceremony and colloquium on September 27, 2017. The dedication ceremony will be held on campus at 10:30 AM in Westminster’s Rust Auditorium, followed by the Colloquium, which will be held at 1 PM in Westminster’s Montgomery Library. Join Westminster staff, students, community leaders, and faculty to see this stunning scroll unveiled, and then examine it in detail during the Colloquium seminar with Dr. Scott Carroll, a leading expert in rare, biblical papyri and scrolls.

Both events are open to the public, and would be of particular benefit to anyone interested in biblical history, ancient artifacts, the Hebrew language, and the powerful roots of Jewish tradition. Join us on September 27th!