Senior Leadership
Peter A. Lillback
James M. Sweet
General Counsel
David B. Garner
Vice President for Advancement
Steven J. Carter
Vice President of Campus Life & Dean of Students
Chun Lai
Vice President of Operations
K. Scott Oliphint
Dean of Faculty
Iain M. Duguid
Dean of Online Learning
Jonathan Brack
Director of Admissions
Erin Heilmann
Managing Coordinator for Admissions
Cyndi Myers
Admissions Process Coordinator & Financial Aid Officer
Timothy Brindle
Senior Admissions Counselor
Steve Cairns
Senior Admissions Counselor
Aaron Cappucci
Admissions Counselor
Brandon Smith
Admissions Counselor
Ryan Yoon
Admissions Counselor for International Students
Joshua Centanni
Admissions Operations Coordinator
Courtney Schmidt
Financial Aid Assistant
Eva Quiram
Admissions Office Assistant
Academic Affairs
John Kim
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Melinda Dugan
Delise Mitchell
Assistant Registrar
Justin Rainey
Manager of Academic Programs
Jennifer Chun
Faculty Support Coordinator
Lauren Finlayson
Administrative Assistant to the Registrar’s Office
Jackie Gober
Coordinator for Academic Affairs
Lucy Baird
Director of Advancement
Sheldon Nordhues
Associate Director of Advancement
Jeffrey Hart
Advancement Associate
Lauren Beining
Executive Assistant to the President
David Fernandez
Advancement Assistant
Austin Freeman
Advancement Assistant
Alyssa Curtis
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
Jared Oliphint
Coordinator of Institutional Partnerships & Alumni Relations
Online Learning
Chris Carter
Director of Online Learning
Alan Gay
Manager of Online Instruction & Associate Dean of Students
Jess Halpin
Manager of Online Student Success
Ellie Rinehart
Manager of Online Enrollment Strategy
Laura Leon
Instructional Quality Coordinator
Claire Roberts
Senior Admissions Counselor for Online Learning
International Programs
Hukmin Kwon
Director of International Programs
Heejin Kim
Manager of International Programs
Samuel Joung
Assistant Director of International Programs
Yongro Kim
Korea Region Coordinator of International Programs
Lynn Haeyoung Kim
Coordinator of International Programs
Sandy Finlayson
Director of Library Services
Steve McKinzie
Assistant Librarian
Donna Campbell
Technical Services & Systems Librarian
Donna Roof
Library Circulation Manager
Ben Dahlvang
Associate Director of the Westminster Bookstore
Cris Simpson
Systems Architect
Josiah Pettit
Manager of Marketing and Design
Joshua Currie
Manager of Shipping and Receiving
Kyle Whitgrove
Customer Service Manager
Jeremy Westhuis
Manager of Inventory
Marketing Communications
Rachel Stout
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Victor Kim
Content Strategist
Jessica Shapiro
Graphic Designer
Sung Min Kim
Multimedia Specialist
Theological English
Leslie Altena
Director of Theological English
Pierce Hibbs
Associate Director for Theological Curriculum and Instruction
Sarah Im
ESL Teacher & Test Coordinator
Megan Reiley
Theological English Instructor
Pau Ping Szeto
Associate Director of Finance
Judy Mellen
Physical Plant
Richard Maienshein
Physical Plant Manager
Matthew Montgomery
Physical Plant Technician & Project Manager
Kevin Stanley
Student Development
Karin Deussing
Associate Dean of Students
Jesse Ruhl
Associate Dean of Students
Nora Adams
Campus Life & Student Development Assistant
Information Technology
Mike Halpin
Director of Information Technology
Matthew Moutoux
Manager of IT Operations
Samuel Im
Manager of Education Technology
Hannah Estes
Events Coordinator
Paige Poole
Events Coordinator
Paul Quiram
Events Assistant
Board of Trustees
Rev. William R. Edwards
Mr. Rex H. Anderson, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Richard D. Phillips
Mr. Ronald P. Grigsby
Dr. Charles H. Dunahoo
Vice Chairman
Mr. Hugh B. Jacks
Rev. Dr. In Whan Kim
Rev. Dr. Charles E. McGowan
Mr. John I. Maynard
Mr. Francis I. McGowen
Dr. Larry E. Puls
Mr. John M. Weiser
Mr. Gary N. Wynveen
Rev. Dr. James C. Bland, III
Rev. David T. Brack
Rev. George R. Cottenden
Rev. Dr. Harry L. Reeder, III
Mr. Zachary A. Aills
Rev. Dr. Michael A. Rogers
Mr. Thomas M. Conway
Dr. Randal Baker
Mr. Richard Gaffin, III