Missing Dorm Resident Notification Policy

If a dorm resident assistant (R.A.) or dorm resident notices that a dorm resident has been missing for 24 hours, the dorm R.A.s should be consulted to see if the dorm resident missing previously notified an R.A. of the absence.

If the dorm resident missing did not previously notify an R.A. of the absence, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. The dorm R.A. shall contact the VP of Campus Life and Dean of Students with the information of the missing person. If he cannot be reached, the Associate Dean of Students shall be contacted.
  2. The dorm R.A. shall call Cheltenham Police and notify them of the missing dorm resident.
  3. The dorm R.A. shall let the Physical Plant Manager know that the police have been notified.

At time of initial residency in the dorm, each dorm resident will be required submit primary contact person(s) information to the Student Development Office. The primary contact person(s) will be notified by Student Development within 24 hours of the Cheltenham Police determining that the dorm resident is missing. This contact information will be kept confidential by the Student Development Office.

Dorm residents must notify a resident assistant in advance of being gone from the dorm for 24 hours or more. The police will be contacted after 24 hours of a dorm resident’s absence, if the dorm resident did not supply advance notice to an R.A. of the absence.