Fire Safety Report

Fire Safety Report

Information on On-Campus Housing Facilities

Fire log statistics for three most recent calendar years
# of fires and cause of each fire: 0
# of persons who received fire-related injuries that resulted in treatment at a medical facility: n/a
# of deaths related to a fire: n/a
value of property damage caused by fire: n/a

Description of fire safety system
A hard-wired smoke alarm system is serviced and maintained in two of the three residences by Security On Line System, 22 E. Mt. Pleasant, Avenue, Ambler, PA. It includes standard pull stations, enunciators, strobe lights, smoke detectors, and panel box with connections to Security On Line and Cheltenham Township Fire Department. Plans for Spring 2015 are being made to renovate the third residence and upgrade its fire safety system.

Number of fire drills held during previous calendar year

Policies or rules on portable electrical appliances, smoking and open flames
Portable electrical appliances such as hot plates, microwaves, rice cookers, etc. are not permitted in dorm areas. No open flames (candles, smoking, incense burning, etc.) are allowed in dorm areas. Smoking is not permitted in any seminary building under any circumstances.

Procedures for Evacuation

  1. Exit the building immediately. Use the nearest available exit.
    When exiting a smoke-filled
    room or building, stay low, crouch down and move quickly.
    If all exits are blocked,
    stay by the window and yell for “HELP”! DO NOT go into closets or under desks.
    If you should catch on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL
    , until the fire is out!
  2. Assemble on the lawn behind Van Til Hall or on the lawn in front of library. Keep away from all buildings and cars. Do not attempt to drive your vehicle. Be aware of any arriving fire and emergency vehicles.
  3. Remember “RACE,” the acronym for the four essential steps to take if you discover a fire:
    persons in immediate danger from the room on fire.
    must be sounded. Dial “911” and pull the closest fire alarm.
    fire by closing all doors in the fire area, once everyone has been removed from the room containing the fire.
    small fires, if the rescue, alarm, and contain procedures have been followed and the fire department has not yet arrived. Smother the small fire, use a fire extinguisher, or pour water on it if it is NOT an electrical or grease fire.

Annually, after the beginning of the new academic year, Student Development will require all dorm residents to attend the fire marshal’s presentation, arranged by the seminary’s safety committee. Continuing residence in dorms is dependent upon attendance at this presentation.

Dorm fires should be reported to Physical Plant.

Machen Hall had its hard-wired fire alarm system upgraded by Security On Line Systems in July 2010. The Carriage House was added to the system in 2011. The Van Til Hall fire alarm system was upgraded in August 2013. All systems, save the one residence expecting renovations, are now upgraded.

Fire Log

Physical Plant will maintain a fire log that records by the date of report fires in the dorms reported. Included in the log must be the following for each fire:

Nature of fire
Date of fire
Time of fire
Location of fire

Entries in log, or additions to entries, must be made within two business days of receipt of information. The log for the most recent 60-day period will be open to public inspection during normal business hours in Physical Plant. Physical Plant will make available older portions of the log within two business days of a request for public inspection. Physical Plant will make an annual report to the campus community, by October 1 of each year, on fires recorded in the log by updates to the fire safety report.