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Westminster is committed to supporting qualified candidates for the DMin program. We will contact you about our unique program designed to personally assist you with financial aid after we have received your application.
(Up to) 50%
This is for students preparing for ordination ("under care") in a confessionally Reformed church.
(Call Admissions) Merit Award
This is for students who demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in college.
(Up to) 100%
This is for spouses of full-time students. It does not cover counseling courses.
(Up to) 25%
This is for students in the MDiv and MAR programs with financial need.
(Up to) 50%
American Minority
This is for American minorities and women in ministry leadership.
(Up to) 100%
This is for students with exceptional academic merit and is offered by invitation only.
(Call Admissions) 50%-100%
Westminster awards international grants in different amounts each year. Please contact Admissions for more details.
(Estimated) 55%
Discount Classes
Discounted classes taken at CCEF before Sept 2017 will count toward your MAC degree with a $100 transfer fee.
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To receive a scholarship you must complete an application to a degree program and follow the directions for financial aid. We aim to integrate our processes for a seamless experience. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.