Changing World, Eternal Word

Engaging the world with the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Times change... philosophies ebb and flow, but God has spoken decisively. This Word is life-changing and Personal. God, in fact has spoken lucidly, exploding into history by becoming a real man in the Person of Jesus Christ. Nothing has been the same since the coming of the kingdom 2000 years ago.

From its inception, the cornerstone of Westminster's degree programs has been the study of the Word of God, preparing students to engage the world courageously with the Gospel. In their study of the great drama of history, all Westminster students come face to face with the King of kings, Jesus Christ. You will gain a firm grounding in:

Scriptural interpretation (we call it "hermeneutics").
What the Bible teaches about many topics (we call it "systematic theology").
How God revealed Himself over the centuries in the Bible (we call it "Biblical Theology").
The defense and proof of the Christian faith (we call it "apologetics").
What has happened in and through Christ's Church since He rose from the dead (we call it "Church history").
How do we properly apply the Bible? (we call it "practical theology" and "biblical counseling).

In these studies, you will discover that Jesus is at the beginning and at the end of all things; for this ever-changing world, Jesus Christ is the Eternal Word.

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"The Bible is the center and core of that with which Westminster has to do."
- J. Gresham Machen, founder of Westminster Theological Seminary, at its opening convocation, September 25, 1929