Preparing You to Serve

Westminster equips followers of Jesus Christ to change the world.

Westminster is a thriving community of professors and students pursuing Christ, studying the Word of God, and applying it to all areas of life. Trained and equipped by their Westminster experience, alumni now lead around the world as pastors, missionaries, church planters, counselors, physicians, translators, writers, professors, and in many other capacities.

The Westminster experience will also prepare you for a life of vital ministry. Whether enjoying spirited seminar discussions or engaging the Westminster faculty outside of class, you will discover theological treasures and secure ministry tools for life-long service to the Lord. Accompanying this rich academic environment are student services and mentored ministry, through which you will receive spiritual formation and honed ministry skills. You come to Westminster expecting to be challenged; you will graduate not only challenged but transformed.

Join the ranks of thousands, who have trained at Westminster, and now lead around the world.




"Great leaders must first be great followers, and the greatest leaders follow Jesus Christ."


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