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Discoverying my place and work in God's Kingdom through the Westminster Experience.

When you join us as a student, your Westminster education will possess several defining marks:

Biblical Theology. We understand the Bible through the lens of redemptive history. Standing on the shoulders of Geerhardus Vos, Herman Ridderbos and other influential biblical scholars, we believe that proper understanding of God and his world is the fruit of thorough study of the Bible (what we call biblical-theological exegesis). Therefore, you will study the Scriptures carefully.

The Westminster Confession of Faith. We believe that Reformed theology, as defined by the Westminster Standards, most accurately represents the teachings of Scripture; therefore, you will be trained in historic, Reformed Christianity.

Presuppositional Apologetics. All human reason is grounded in core assumptions and beliefs; put simply, people think either in submission to or in rebellion against God. In defending the faith (what we call “apologetics”), we seek to engage in persuasion in a way that opens people’s deepest spiritual assumptions to scrutiny. Therefore, your education will include a dual emphasis on epistemology (How do we know what we know?) and culture studies (What does a given culture assume and believe?).

Scholarship. Proper interpretation of Scripture requires careful scholarship; therefore, you will enjoy a program of academic excellence.

Practical Theology. A useful servant of Christ has not only theoretical knowledge but crafted experience. Therefore, you will experience mentored ministry and applied (practical) theology.

Character. Genuine and effective gospel service requires a heart of love and devotion to Christ; therefore, you will undergo vital spiritual formation.

Join the more than 800 men and women from nearly 100 denominations and 25 countries who currently study at Westminster.