Board of Trustees Biographies

Ruling Elders

Zachary Aills
Zachary A. Aills, Vero Beach, FL
  • B.B.A. University of Texas at Austin
  • Managing Director, The Island Group
  • Member of the Board since 1999
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "The skillful marriage of theological scholarship with practical applications through Biblical counseling."
Rex H. Anderson, Jr.,  Villanova, PA
  • B.A. (1976) Emory University; M.B.A. (1978) Wharton School
  • CEO/Owner, Bayuk Graphic Systems, Inc.
  • Member of the Board since 2009
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Westminster is distinguished by its resolute commitment to the authority of the Scriptures, to the Reformed faith, and to serious scholarship. By God's grace Westminster plays a strategic role in equipping men and women to advance His Kingdom worldwide. On a personal level, I am thankful for friendships with several faculty members and graduates over the years which have had a profound influence on my own spiritual growth."
Rex Anderson
Hugh Jacks
Hugh B. Jacks, Shoal Creek, AL
  • B.A. Mississippi State University 
  • CEO & Chairman, Bellsouth Services (retired); Owner, Potential Enterprises & Adventure Safaris
  • Member of the Board since 2015
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "I was drawn to Westminster due to its historical and continuing uncompromising commitment to living and teaching God's Word as revealed in all of Scripture."
John I. Maynard, Maitland, FL
  • B.A. Economics, Stanford University; M.B.A., University of Texas
  • Owner of Spinal Dynamics
  • On the national board for Care Net International and The Geneva School, Winter Park, FL
  • Member of the Board since 2003
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "The thing I most appreciate about Westminster is its passion for a theology that is faithful to the Scriptures combined with rigorous scholarship and the pursuit of personal piety. This combination is especially difficult to find in our world today and even in the course of world history."
John Maynard
Fran McGowen
Fran McGowen, Malvern, PA
  • B.B.A., University of Notre Dame (1972); J.D., Villanova (1975)
  • Auto Retail Executive
  • Member of the Board since 2015
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Its adherence to and guardianship over the Reformed Doctrines of the faith as presented in the Scriptures."
Larry E. Puls, Greenville, SC
  • M.D., Southwestern Medical School
  • Gynecologic Oncologist at Greenville Health System
  • Member of the Board since 2002
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "I would like to say that the things I like most about WTS are its adherence to teaching the truth, as well as teaching the truth to so many foreign students who in turn teach in their homelands all around the globe, as well as its distinctives such as presuppositional apologetics which is so strong at WTS."
Larry Puls
John Weiser
John M. Weiser, Fort Worth, TX
  • B.S., Indiana University
  • Investment Manager
  • Member of the Board since 1996
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "I appreciate the strong stand for biblical truth coupled with scholarship of the highest order."
Kenneth R. Wynne, Houston, TX
  • B.A. (1965) Rice University; J.D. (1967) University of Texas School of Law
  • Partner, Wynne & Wynne LLP, Houston, Texas
  • Member of the Board since 2010
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Its courageous commitment to the truth and sufficiency of God's Word." 

 Ken Wynne
 Gary Wynveen


  • B.A., Central College; M.S. (Political Science), UW-Milwaukee
  • Wynveen Financial (Broker/Owner)
  • Member of the Board since 2003
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "Westminster's consistent commitment to the infallibility of Scripture and its teaching of 'the whole counsel of God.' The Westminster faculty which engages in rigorous scholarship and a student body comprised each year of students from many nations and various backgrounds provides a picture of God's Kingdom which extends over the entire earth. An important distinctive is the requirement that students preparing for ministry must learn Greek and Hebrew."

Teaching Elders

Rev. Dr. James C. Bland, III, Lawrenceville, GA
  • B.S., University of Maryland (1964); M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (1970); D.Min, Westminster Theological Seminary (1986)
  • Coordinator, Mission to North America, Retired
  • Member of the Board since 1980 
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "What I appreciate most about my education at Westminster is its fidelity to the full authority of Scripture and how this truth was foundational to my course work."
James Bland
David Brack
Rev. David T. Brack, Amarillo, TX
  • B.S., University of Texas, Austin (1970)
  • Pastor of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church in Amarillo, TX (Retired)
  • Member of the Board since 2001
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "1. The Theological tradition (old Princeton, the Westminster Standards); 2. The Distinctives of covenantal hermeneutics (Vos, Murray, Kline, Gaffin, etc.) and presuppositional apologetics (Van Til) which a ministerial student won't find taught anywhere else in the world to the degree they are at WTS; 3. Continuing Machen's original commitment to combining the best of Scottish Presbyterianism and Dutch Calvinism; 4. The desire and commitment to producing pastor-scholars who will fill the pulpits of reformed churches here and around the world; 5. Being the flagship of Reformed orthodoxy and scholarship in the world."
  • B.S., Denison University (1986); M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary (1994); Ph.D. Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary (2007)
  • Organizing Minster, Senior Minister, Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church, Tampa, FL
  • Member of the Board since 2015
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Over the years I have appreciated Westminster's commitments to personal piety, ministerial effectiveness (particularly a high view of preaching), and intellectual depth. Too often today deep theological reflection, personal piety and ministerial effectiveness are seen as mutually exclusive alternatives.  It was at Westminster that I was exposed to models that put the lie to this notion, for which I am forever grateful."
  • BRE, Peace River Bible Institute, AB, Canada; MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary; working on D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary
  • Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (OPC), Ada, MI
  • Member of the Board since 2015
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Its legacy of equipping pastors to proclaim Christ from all of Scripture, which grows out of its commitment to uphold the Bible as the Word of God."
Rev. George R. Cottenden, North Wales, PA
  • B.A., Gordon College (1964); B.D./M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary (1967); Additional graduate work at WTS in the 1970's
  • Retired as Pastor of Trinity OPC in Hatboro, PA (2008)
  • Retired as Stated Clerk of the GA of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (2014)
  • Member of the Board since 1983
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Westminster's commitment to a redemptive-historical understanding of Scripture in the tradition of Geerhardus Vos and its concern that Systematic Theology be exegetically based as modeled by John Murray."
George Cottenden
Charles Dunahoo
Dr. Charles H. Dunahoo, Avondale Estates, GA
  • A.B., University of Georgia; M.Div., Columbia Theological Seminary; D.Min, Westminster Theological Seminary (1989)
  • Coordinator at Christian Education & Publications, PCA (retired)
  • Member of the Board since 1981
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "Its faithfulness to confessionally Reformed theology and the academic reputation among the seminaries of the world."
Rev. William (Rob) Edwards, Forest, VA
  • B.A., Philosophy, University of Georgia (1993); M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary (1999)
  • Campus Minister, Reformed University Fellowship, University of Georgia (1999-2010); Organizing Pastor, Mercy Presbyterian Church, Forest, Va (2010-present)
  • Member of the board since 2013
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "I greatly appreciate the vision for ministry that flows from Westminster's commitment to the sufficiency of Scripture, and the corresponding conviction of Christ's sufficiency, who fulfills all that God has promised throughout his Word. As these commitments are worked out through Westminster's curriculum, students are prepared to proclaim Christ, challenge unbelief, calling people to faith and repentance, while also seeing themselves as ministering in the time of fulfillment, at the end of the age, with our labors tied inseparably to the work of the resurrected Lord, empowered by his Spirit, as those sent to be ambassadors of his gospel."
Rob Edwards
In Whan Kim
  • B.A., Chongshin University; M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary (1980); Th.M. Westminster Theological Seminary (1995); Ph.D., University of Wales
  • Professor emeritus, Chongshin University; President and Vice Chancellor, Swaziland Christian University
  • Member of the board since 2013
Rev. Charles McGowan, Brentwood, TN
  • B.S., Davidson College; M.Div., Columbia Theological Seminary; D.D., King College
  • Retired from Christ Presbyterian Church in TN, as Senior Pastor; Current President of The Operation Andrew Group, Nashville, TN, a non-profit ministry designed to promote personal and social transformation in Nashville by seeking to strengthen and make visible the unity in the Body of Christ
  • Member of the Board since 2002
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "I love her rich heritage and strong, unwavering commitment to historic Reformed theology; and I love her commitment to serve the Reformed family of churches both in the USA and around the world."
Charles McGowan
Richard Phillips
Rev. Richard D. Phillips, Greenville, SC
  • B.A., University of Michigan; the University of Pennsylvania (M.B.A.); M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary (1982)
  • Senior Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC
  • Member of the Board since 2011
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "What I like best about Westminster is the riches of its biblical theology combined with its rigorous Reformed confessionalism. I remember class after class where I was, quite simply, blown away by glories I had scarcely imagined in God's Word. I am thrilled by our current faculty and the seminary's strong leadership, which I pray will enable Westminster to play a leading role in the worldwide cause of the Reformed faith and the gospel of our Lord"
Rev. Harry L. Reeder, III, Birmingham, AL
  • B.A., Covenant College (1974); M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary (1982); D.Min, Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Senior Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL
  • Member of the Board since 1985
  • What do you like best about Westminster? "It is a privilege to serve the Lord at Westminster Theological Seminary because of the unflinching commitment to the authority of Scripture and the demonstrated ability to equip candidates for the Gospel ministry to effectively handle the Word of truth and provide excellent academic and practical training for ministry not only in the church but in the extension of God's Kingdom by clearly demonstrating the preeminence of Christ in all areas of life."
Harry Reeder
John White
  • B.A., Geneva College (1958); M.Div., Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary; M.A. University of Pittsburgh (1961); D.Min., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (1987)
  • President Emeritus Geneva College; Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Geneva
  • Member of the Board since 1983
  • What do you like best about Westminster?  "Her commitment to orthodox Reformed theology with scholarly excellence and consistent articulation of Biblical theological hermeneutic and presuppositional apologetics."