Allan A. MacRae


Born:  February 11, 1902
Died:  September 27, 1997

Occidental College (A.B., 1922; A.M., 1923)
Princeton Theological Seminary (Th.B., 1927)
Princeton University (A.M., 1927)
University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D., 1936)

Minister in the Presbyterian Church, USA, 1927-1936
Minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1936-1937
Minister in the Bible Presbyterian Church, 1937-1997
Instructor in Semitic Philology and Old Testament Criticism, Westminster, 1929-1930; Assistant Professor of Old Testament, 1930-1937
President and Professor of Old Testament, Faith Theological Seminary, 1937-1971
President and Professor of Old Testament, Biblical Theological Seminary, 1971-1983

Representative Books
Nuzi Personal Names (1943)
The Gospel of Isaiah (1977)
Studies in Isaiah (1982)
The Prophecies of Daniel (1991)

Festschrift, Interpretation & History (1986)