Affirmations and Denials

The Board directs that the Affirmations and Denials adopted at its special September 2008 Meeting and perfected at its regular December 2008 Meeting be utilized by the Seminary as important clarifications of doctrine and practice for all who take the Westminster Faculty and Board vows, such that it is understood that they present the Board's understanding of critical aspects of the Bible's doctrine of Scripture (the superior standard and only infallible rule of faith and practice) as well as the Westminster Standards' (the inferior secondary standards to the Scriptures) doctrine of Scripture, as well as  critical clarifications of the hermeneutical method that the Scriptures and the Subordinate Standards teach.
And thus while they are neither amendments to the Standards, nor confessional documents in and of themselves, the Board finds them to serve as defining statements and clarifications of the Seminary's core beliefs in the following ways:

     a. They clarify theological and hermeneutical misunderstandings that have occurred in
         the recent theological controversies that have impacted the Seminary.
     b. They refine core commitments of the Seminary by clarifying foundational 
         theological boundaries established by Scripture and the Standards for the teaching 
        of our faculty and potential faculty hires in these controverted matters.