In Remembrance of Rev. Paul Settle

The Westminster community grieves the loss of Rev. Paul G. Settle, former board member of Westminster Theological Seminary (1975–85, 1991–2006), who passed away on March 19, 2018 at the age of 82.

Rev. Paul Settle will be remembered as one of the founding members of the Presbyterian Church in America. In response to a liberal shift in Presbyterian denominations, Settle sought a return to Scripture’s authority and the confessional standards of the church. His efforts eventually led to the establishment of the PCA in 1973. In the early years of the PCA, Settle spent much time recruiting others into the newly formed denomination. His fervor for Scripture and orthodoxy, paired with his integrity and love for people, helped foster the growth of the PCA. Upon the establishment of the PCA, Settle became the first coordinator of Christian education for the denomination. During his time as coordinator, Settle set a high standard for an emphasis on teaching that is still maintained today.

In addition to his faithful service to Westminster and the PCA, Rev. Settle has also served on the boards of Greenville Presbyterian Seminary, The Presbyterian Journal, The Presbyterian Guardian, WORLD Magazine, and Women to the World. Settle pastored churches throughout the country including Northside Presbyterian Church in Burlington, NC (1969-71) and Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC (1976-91). He has lectured at Covenant Seminary (St. Louis, MO), Birmingham Seminary (AL), Reformed Seminary (Jackson, MS), Greenville Seminary (SC), Westminster Seminary (Dallas), and the International Christian University (Moscow).

Please join us in thanking our Lord for the life and ministry of Rev. Settle and in prayer for the Settle family.