Registration Form, New MDiv/MAR Students

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Summer 2013

To Register: Submit this completed form to the Registrar's Office (via: mail, email*, fax or in-person) prior to the first day of the course. 
*If you plan to submit the form via email, please do so from your Westminster student email address.

Section 1

Full Name: _____________________________________________  Student ID: ______________________________

Program: ____________________________  Emphasis: _________________________  Dept.: __________ (if appl.)

Full Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

My current mailing address will remain the same when I matriculate as a WTS student:

_____ Yes, my address will remain the same as above. 

_____ No, when I matriculate as a WTS student, my address will be_________________________________________

Email Address:**      Phone (primary contact): ______________________


Section 2 - Westminster Language Courses (choose only one)

____  I am registering for Summer Hebrew:

-  OT 011 - Biblical Hebrew 1a (7/1/2013 to 7/25/2013)

-  OT 012 - Biblical Hebrew 2a (8/1/2013 to 8/27/2013)

____  I am registering for Summer Greek:  NT 011a - NT Greek 1a (7/24/2013 to 8/27/2013)

Section 3 - Expected Graduation Year:   I expect to graduate in May 20_____.

Section 4 - Student Privacy Rights

I have read the Annual Notification of Privacy Rights under FERPA.   Yes _____     No _____

I am submitting a Request to Withhold Directory Information.            Yes _____     No _____

Student's Signature:__________________________________________   Date:____________________

Section 5 - Financial/VISA Information: (Please check all that apply.)

_____  I am a J/F VISA student.

_____  I have applied for a Westminster Scholarship.


_____  I have applied/will apply for a loan for the summer term.

Westminster Theological Seminary, P.O. Box 27009, Philadelphia, PA 19118, Fax: 215-887-5404,