Auditing Classes

Auditing Classes

5.2.3.f Auditing

A limited number of auditors are permitted in most courses. Auditing privileges include regular class attendance, copies of all printed material distributed to the class, the opportunity to ask occasional questions in class, and full library privileges. Normally, auditors will not be permitted to participate in classroom exercises or recitations or to make seminar presentations, nor will assignments or examinations be reviewed or graded by the instructor. Except as specified in the Special Categories section , the cost to audit is one-half the tuition rate for taking a course for credit.

Restrictions: Course availability for audit is subject to the approval of the instructor. A non-ThM/PhD student must obtain the instructor’s approval in order to audit a ThM/PhD course. An M.A.B.C./M.A.U.M. student must obtain the instructor’s approval in order to audit a non-M.A.B.C./M.A.U.M. course. Auditing of language courses, English Bible Survey, Advanced Theological Writing, Mentoring Ministry Seminar, D.Min. modules, modular, short-term (less than one month) Independent Study courses (section 5.6) and Distance Education courses (section 5.5) is not permitted. 

5.2.3.f1 Registering as an auditor

Persons desiring to audit are required to secure the permission of the Registrar, complete the necessary registration, and pay a non-refundable fee for each course audited (see section 8.1.c).

5.2.3.f2 Special Categories

Full-time students and their spouses, full-time members of the faculty and staff and their spouses and children, and part-time employees may audit courses without charge.

Former Westminster graduates pay one-fourth the tuition they would be charged to take a course for credit unless the course is at or below the level of the degree they received from Westminster, in which case there is no charge to audit. For this purpose, the Ph.D. and Th.M. degrees are considered as on an equal level. An M.A.B.C./M.A.U.M degree is considered as a lower degree than the M.Div. and M.A.R. degrees. A Certificate is not considered a degree program. Spouses of full-time students are permitted to audit only up to the number of credit hours for which the spouse is currently enrolled.

Occasional visitors must seek permission of the instructor for each class they wish to attend and will not have the privilege of participation in class discussion. All persons desiring to audit should complete the necessary registration forms with the Registrar’s Office.

5.2.3.f 3 Church Leader Audit

The Church Leader Audit offers an opportunity for people in positions of church leadership to audit courses. Westminster offers one free course audit per semester for those in official ministry positions in the church. This is available for four people per church per semester. An Application Form from the auditor and a Letter of Recommendation from the sending church is required. Eligible courses are from the M.A.B.C., M.A.U.M., M.A.R. and M.Div. degree programs of study only. Restrictions mentioned above apply. Please be sure to submit application as early as possible so that classes may be planned for space availability; some courses may be closed due to high enrollment. See the Admissions office webpages or contact the Admissions Office for further information and application forms.