Reformation Tour 2011

May 10, 2011

Pursuing the Reformed traditions in the footsteps of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Knox

Join Dr. Peter Lillback (President of Westminster) and Dr. Carl Trueman (Vice President for Academic Affairs) as they travel to see the key sites of Reformation importance on both mainland Europe and the British Isles.  Drs. Lillback and Trueman have spent their careers studying the life and thought of the great Reformers.  Part 1 (Continental Europe) of the tour is from June 21 to July 1, and Part 2 (Great Britain) is from July 1 to 5, 2011.

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The Reformation Wall in Geneva, Switzerland

The European Reformation is the great watershed in the history of Christianity in the West, defining the church down to the present day. To know who we are, to understand why our churches think the way they do, we all need to understand something of the great religious convulsion that shook Europe to its foundations in the 16th century. Of course, many of us have read books about the period or may even have seen plays and movies set in this time; but surely nothing can substitute for actually walking along the very streets where the Reformers trod; standing in the churches where they preached; and gazing out over the cities where they lived their lives, wrote their books, and together triggered an earthquake, the aftershocks of which we still feel today.

This tour, focusing as it does on key sites of Reformation importance in both mainland Europe and the British Isles, offers a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Reformers with Drs. Lillback and Trueman, who have spent their careers studying the life and thought of the great Reformers. You will learn about Luther, the young monk who sounded the clarion call for reform; Calvin, the single-minded scholar who fled his French homeland and became almost by accident the greatest organizational mind of the Reformation; Knox, the outspoken former galley slave who defied a monarch for the sake of the gospel; and Cranmer, the gentle, vacillating English cleric who was to die a martyr’s death. Above all, you will see how God has used ordinary men and women in history to achieve extraordinary things; and you will finish the tour more grateful than ever to God for those who stood firm and who sacrificed so much for the sake of the truth.

This tour is in support of Refo500, a multi-year international project that seeks to demonstrate the continuing relevance of the Reformation. Westminster Theological Seminary is a sponsor of Refo500 and Witte Travel & Tours is the project’s North American travel partner. For more information, visit the Refo500 website at

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