Why iTunesU?

April 14, 2010

iTunesU is a simple platform to provide the rich teaching tradition of Westminster to lifelong learners worldwide.

Westminster is committed to form, teach and engage.

  • To form men for ordained ministry and men and women for gospel service.
  • To teach the whole counsel of God in order to shepherd Christ’s church.
  • To engage a changing world with God’s unchanging Word through Reformed scholarship.

In theological education, we believe there should be no separation between learning and godliness as the goal of learning.

The New Testament speaks of truth that is in accord with godliness (Titus 1:1) and of godliness that is produced through the knowledge of Christ (1 Peter 1:3).

Our concern about the intellectual preparation of students for gospel ministry, and for service in the kingdom of Christ, must never be divorced from a concern for character traits that are necessary for Christian ministry.

Jared Oliphint, MAR, director of admissions