Meet the Board

December 22, 2009

Rev. David T. Brack, a member of the board since 2001, is senior pastor of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church, Amarillo, TX.

What do you like best about Westminster? "The fact that it is continuing Machen's original commitment to combining the best of Scottish Presbyterianism and Dutch Calvinism; the desire and commitment to produce pastor-scholars who will fill the pulpits of Reformed churches worldwide; and it being the flagship of Reformed orthodoxy and scholarship in the world.  Also, the Theological tradition (old Princeton, the Westminster Standards) and the Distinctives of covenantal hermeneutics (Vos, Murray, Kline, Gaffin, etc.) and presuppositional apologetics (Van Til) which a ministerial student won't find taught anywhere else in the world to the degree they are at WTS," Rev. Brack answered decisively.


The history of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church (CCPC),
Amarillo, TX:

We are a member of the Orthodox  Presbyterian Church.   We were founded in 1977 under the ministry of Rev. Robert K. Churchhill.  The Rev. John Hilbelink began his labors in  Amarillo in 1979 upon Rev. Churchill's retirement from the ministry.

Rev. Hilbelink pastored the congregation until 1987.  The Rev. K. Scott Oliphint, now professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster, served as pulpit supply and then as the interim pastor until 1991, when the Rev. David Brack was called as the pastor.  Rev. Brack continues his pastoral labors among us.

In the year 2000, God blessed us with property and a new building in the growing Western Amarillo community.  We praise him for his continued faithfulness, as we continue to grow in the grace of Jesus Christ.

In 2006 the Rev. Andrew Moody, WTS Mdiv 2005, was ordained and installed as our second teaching elder.