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November 11, 2009

In keeping with Westminster's mission, it is our desire to provide the necessary tools for you to remain well equipped for your growing ministries. We want the teaching you received in pursuit of a degree to be just the beginning of a lifetime of theological training.

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Dr. Bryan Chapell

Over 900 historic sermons, course lectures, chapels and seminars are a keystroke away. Enjoy "Christ and Human Thought - Immanuel Kant" by Dr. Cornelius Van Til (May 3, 1895 – April 17, 1987) - who made 'worldview' common (pictured), "Man in the Image of God" by founding faculty member John Murray (October 14, 1898 – May 8, 1975), Dr. Edmund P. Clowney's (July 30, 1917 – March 20, 2005) redemptive-historical "Preaching Christ from the Old Testament" and "God, Our Intimate Friend" by Rev. Dr. Tim Keller.

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