Redeeming Love

April 14, 2013

Nancy Guthrie on Campus

On Saturday, March 9th, Nancy Guthrie visited Westminster for a women's conference hosted by the Wives of Westminster and the Women's Student Fellowship. She gave three lectures on the theme of Redeeming Love, focusing on three women from the Old Testament: Ruth, Esther, and Gomer.

From the promotional flyer: "Three women far away from God: a pagan widow with nothing but need, a compromised queen addicted to comfort, a pathetic prostitute no one wants anymore. As we look in on the lives of Ruth, Esther, and Gomer, we’ll see the redeeming love of Christ revealed in powerful and glorious ways."


Redeeming Love: Ruth from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.


Redeeming Love: Esther from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.


Redeeming Love: Gomer from Westminster Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

Nancy is the author of numerous books including Holding on to Hope, written after her daughter died from a rare metabolic disorder. She and her husband, David, host Respite Retreats for couples who have experienced the death of a child and are the co-hosts of the GriefShare video series. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Covenant Theological Seminary and working on a five-book series of Old Testament Bible studies called Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. Nancy’s family make their home in Nashville, TN.