The Clash

July 29, 2012

Forging a Mind to Engage the World

Westminster adjunct professor, David Powlison, and alumni Wayne Grudem (M.Div. '73, D.D. '11), Iain Duguid (M.Div. '89), and Nathan Sasser (M.Div. '05) will speak at the upcoming Soveriegn Grace Ministries Conference, July 29 - August 4: The Clash: Forging a Mind to Engage the World.

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From the website:

The Clash is a six-day worldview conference that aims to equip young adults (ages 17–23) to worship and bear witness to Christ as Lord in every sphere of life and learning. 

The Christian worldview encompasses everything from philosophy to biology, filmmaking to homemaking, politics to poetry. In order to truly understand the first thing about any aspect of our world, we must see it in relation to God’s sovereign plan for history. The biblical worldview explains the universe as God's good but fallen creation redeemed by Christ, and thus imbues all of life with eternal significance.

Conference Topics:

  • Wayne Grudem: Christianity and politics, economics and business
  • David Powlison: Christianity and psychology
  • Iain Duguid: Science and Evolution/Intelligent Design
  • Jeff Purswell: The biblical view of world history, humanity as created and fallen, and education and vocation in the light of biblical manhood and womanhood
  • Nathan Sasser: God, revelation, philosophy, and apologetics

For more information and to register, click here.