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Blogging is not a sin.  No, really.  It’s not.  No commandment says “Thou shalt not blog,” and good and necessary consequence doesn’t place blogging on par with pornography.  Real Christians really blog, but sad to say, much of this blogging doesn’t look really Christian.  With thanks to technology and the hankering to be heard, blogging has found its place, and is indeed morphing into its own accepted, self-propagating, self-attesting genre of the written word.  But by its very nature it’s unique.  It has none of the editorial, marketing, and vetting protections of other published formats.

Posted June 5, 2009 By David B. Garner
Most Reformed people probably do not think of themselves as catholic.  Now, there is a sense in which that is correct: if you are a member of the Reformed, then, by definition, you are not a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  At least, if you are, and the minister or the priest finds out about it, you are going to be in some considerable trouble.  Yet there is also a sense in which Reformed people are catholics.  To be catholic, after all, really only means to be part of the one great communion of saints, of all those who call upon Christ for salvation and who are entrusted with the faith once for all delivered to the saints...
Posted June 30, 2009 By Carl R. Trueman