Writing Services for Westmi...

Writing Services for Westminster Students

Scheduling an Appointment

Tutoring sessions run from half an hour to an hour, and tutors can meet in person or via phone, email or online.

Available times are listed on the CTW Courses site. Instructions on how to sign up for an appointment are available here. Students may also email Leslie Altena at ctw@wts.edu, stop by our main office, or call (215) 935-3867 to schedule an appointment.

Use of the CTW Resources

All students and guests of Westminster are welcome to attend our Writers' Circle programs and use the print resources in the CTW Student Resource Room and Tutoring Center. However, our tutoring services are available only to current Westminster students and alumni for up to six months after graduation.

Working Together on Your Writing

The CTW’s mission is to help you become a better writer. We provide feedback on rhetoric, grammar, and formatting within the context of one-on-one instruction. We also help you get started on your assignments, brainstorm ideas, set up a writing schedule, and improve the organization and clarity of your papers.

Becoming a better writer takes time. You are welcome to drop in the CTW Tutoring Center (Andreas Center A413), 8:30am to 4:30 pm, M-F, for answers to quick questions. For most class assignments, however, we recommend that you make an appointment so that you have time to discuss your paper in depth.


We recommend a one-hour appointment for thorough discussion and feedback on a five-page paper and a two-hour appointment for a ten-page paper. Plan your semester in advance so that you can take advantage of this service! Also remember that it is OK to come in with a paper that is not completely finished. Getting others' feedback in the middle of the writing process can help you write more effectively.

You have two options for receiving feedback on your writing:

 (1) Interactive feedback. This is the recommended option for rapid writing development. Make an appointment. Email your paper in advance, and then come to the CTW to discuss and revise it with the guidance of a tutor. These meetings can also take place via telephone or Skype.

(2) Written feedback. Make an appointment. On the appointed day call, Skype or come in person to the CTW to discuss your assignment briefly. The tutor will then spend the rest of the appointment time providing as much feedback as possible, and then at the end of the appointment time, he or she will send comments to you via email, phone, or Skype.

M. Div. students may sign up for one hour per week; PhD/ThM/DMin students may sign up for two hours per week. Additional hours per week are allowed at the discretion of the CTW Director on a case-by-case basis.

We suggest that you work with us on all aspects of your writing, including grammar, punctuation, and formatting, but if you would prefer to use an editor, please see the description of our editor referral service.

Writers' Circle

The Writers' Circle is a weekly, lunchtime discussion group focused on a particular writing topic. Topics are chosen based on students' questions and faculty feedback on course papers. All are welcome.

Writers and Readers

Members of the Writers' Group share their stories, plays, poetry, creative nonfiction, and other writing projects, receiving feedback from a Christian perspective. The Readers' Group examines literature from a Christian perspective. To join either of these groups contact Leslie Altena (ctw@wts.edu).


BibleWorks Group Purchase. The CTW facilitates a group purchase of the latest version of BibleWorks. The group purchase price is one hundred dollars off the individual price. For information contact the CTW program coordinator (ctw@wts.edu).

Contact Information

Leslie Altena, Director of the Center for Theological Writing
Montgomery Library, Second Floor, Room L-1
Ph: 215-935-3867 or 1-800-373-0119

Student Resource Room and Tutoring Center 
Pierce Hibbs, Assistant Director

Andreas Center, Montgomery Library, A41
8:30am - 4:30pm, M-F