CTW Event Calendar

CTW Event Calendar


Fall 2015 Schedule to be announced.

past writers' circles

BibleWorks: Effective Use, Tips & Tricks. Learn how to get the most out of your BibleWorks, whether writing exegetical papers or preparing sermons.

Reading for Systematic Theology. ST readings can be lengthy and dense. At this session, learn techniques for reading efficiently and retaining what you’ve read.

Poetry & Wisdom: Sample Paper Review. Review sample papers to identify how to structure the OT 323 paper, evaluate evidence, and make interpretive decisions. 

Imagination & Christian Communication. Come participate in an engaging live teleconference with Gene Edward Veith, recent coauthor of Imagination Redeemed: Glorifying God With a Neglected Part of Your Mind (Crossway, 2014), relating Christian theology, Christian imagination, and Christian communication.

Blogging and Theology. Come and hear Dr. Carl Trueman and Aimee Byrd, influential bloggers and current contributors to Mortification of Spin, discuss the benefits and dangers of theological blogging, as well as important writing skills you can glean from reading and writing in this genre.

NT 123 Hermeneutics: Sample Paper Review. Review the sample paper for NT 123 to identify how to approach, structure, and write your own paper.

PTC 243: Writing the Reinterpretation Paper. Learn how to use relevant details, provide an incisive critique of an opposing view, and introduce a pointed, gospel-driven reinterpretation.


Fall 2015 Schedule to be announced.


Roundtables offer advanced graduate students the opportunity to interact with faculty on contemporary issues and academic concerns, dinner included.


In the PhD/ThM forum, students deliver papers and receive feedback from their peers. Its purpose is to help students gain experience presenting their work in a conference-style setting. Feedback can help the writer improve content and clarify ideas before submitting for courses or for publication.

To schedule a paper, please e-mail a copy of the paper with a 100-word abstract (or just the abstract if the paper is not yet complete) to Deryck or Todd at ctw@wts.edu. Please indicate the date you would like to deliver the paper and, if necessary, your preferred time slot (2:00-3:00 or 3:00-4:00).



Fall 2015 Schedule to be announced.

For information, email Leslie Altena at ctw@wts.edu.





Writers’ Circle meets Tuesdays from 1pm–2pm in Van Til, Room 5, unless otherwise noted.


Becoming a Demanding Reader. Learn to read actively to understand the author’s argument, point of view, and distinctiveness.

            Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1–2pm, Van Til Rm. 5


Powlison on Writing for Counseling. Dr. David Powlison examines exemplary counseling writing—both a student paper and JBC article—and discusses their effective features.

            Tuesday, Sept. 17, 1–2pm, Van Til Rm. 5


Great Theological Writing: Valley of Vision. Improve the coherence and symmetry of your writing by learning from the elegant prose of this classic collection of Puritan prayers.

            Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1–2pm, Van Til Rm. 5


Writing and the Public Square. David Mills, editor of First Things, discusses the art of writing and editing to engage contemporary issues.