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Dr. Jeff Jue, Director of the Craig Center

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Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue, Director
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The Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards

The Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards at Westminster Theological Seminary was established in 2002 to promote historical, systematic, biblical and practical reflection upon the tradition of Reformed theology for which the Seminary stands.

  • The Center actively supports the Westminster Assembly Project, which sponsors the transcription and publication of the full minutes of the Westminster Assembly.
  • This also involves identifying and indexing the thousands of names that appear in the three volumes of the minutes of the Westminster Assembly, opening a window into the Assembly’s practices in licensing and, on occasion, disciplining ministers.
  • The Craig Center offers access to the superb scholarly resources Early English Books Online (which allows readers to access in PDF almost every book published in English between 1450 and 1700) and Early American Imprints (which allows readers to access books, pamphlets, and periodicals published in the U.S. between 1639 and 1820), making the Center a place for serious study of British and early American Reformed life and thought.
  • Pending future funding, the Craig Center is developing plans for regular seminars with invited speakers, and a number of projects designed to promote scholarly and pastoral interaction with the theology of the Westminster Standards.
Dr. Jeff Jue, Director of the Craig Center, studying

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