Meet a Current Student

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Rev. Carlton WynneCarlton Wynne

Ph.D., Systematic Theology concentration

"Once my wife and I decided to explore the possibility of my pursuing a PhD degree, I became increasingly convinced that I could justify such a family commitment only by enrolling at a school that went deep into the historic Reformed tradition.  I wanted to come away from my student years having plunged as far as possible into the theology not only that honors God, but, because it honors God, would prove useful for a lifetime of ministry to the church." Read his profile.

David and Danielle Newell

M.A.R. Theological studies and M.A.C.

David and Danielle moved from Colorado to Philadelphia so that Danielle could pursue a Master or Arts in Counseling degree. While working full-time as a pilot for American Airlines, David is also pursuing a Master of Arts (Religion) degree part-time. Recently, they sat down with us to talk about how they met, their faith background, what brought them to Westminster, and their plans for the future.

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Alex and Teresa ChenAlex and Teresa Chen

M.Div. Pastoral ministry and M.A.C.

Has your life ever been changed from writing a paper? Could God use the study of Greek participles to expose idols in your heart? Alex and Teresa Chen have experienced both of these unlikely scenarios during their time at Westminster (WTS). When Alex and Teresa made the move from Austin, Texas to Glenside, PA, they had planned on finishing their theological education in three years. They never expected God to use what they learned at WTS to fundamentally change their lives for His glory and their sanctification.

Alex and Teresa both met in Austin, Texas at Austin Chinese Church. Ironically, it was while working for Intel as an engineer that Alex first sensed a call to ministry.

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Bryant Parsons

M.Div. General

What do anxiety attacks, the Baha'i religion, and Reformed rap have in common? For most of us – absolutely nothing. But for Bryant Parsons, all of these were providentially used by God to lead him to Jesus. Hear from Bryant about how the Lord led him to faith, and also to Westminster to pursue a call to ministry.

Bryant Parsons was born in Trinidad, but moved to Brooklyn, NY at the age of four. Bryant was not brought up in a Christian home, although his family attended a Unity Church, a New Age cult that emphasizes meditation. Bryant considered himself a Christian at the time, but wasn’t really saved.

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