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Old Testament Lecturers and Part-Time Faculty


Kirk Lowery Frederic Clarke Putnam


Kirk Lowery
Adjunct Professor of Old Testament

B.A., Biola University, 1973; M.Div., Talbot Graduate School of Theology, 1976; M.A., University of California, Los Angeles, 1980; Ph.D., 1985; Teacher, BEE International (Vienna and Budapest), 1985–1996; Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, Baptista Teologiai Akademia, Budapest, Hungary, 1992–1998; Co-chair, B-Hebrew Internet Discussion Forum, 1996– ; Associate Director, J. Alan Groves Center for Advanced Biblical Research, 1998–2002; Director, 2002– ; Chair, Computer-Assisted Research Group, Society of Biblical Literature, 2000–2005; Old Testament Translation Consultant, Asia Bible Society, 2004– ; Westminster, 1998– .



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Frederic Clarke Putnam
Visiting Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages

B.S., Philadelphia College of Bible, 1975; M.Div., Biblical Theological Seminary, 1978; S.T.M., 1980; M.A., The Dropsie College for Hebrew & Cognate Learning, 1985; Ph.D., The Annenberg Research Institute, 1991; Lecturer, Philadelphia Center for Christian Studies, 1981–1983; Instructor in Biblical Languages, Biblical Theological Seminary, 1984–1986; Assistant Professor of Old Testament, 1986–1991; Associate Professor of Old Testament, 1991–1999; Professor of Old Testament, 1999–2006; Visiting Professor of Old Testament, Timotheus Bible Institute, Bucharest, Romania, 2006; Adjunct Professor of Biblical Hebrew, Bethel Seminary of the East, 2007–2008; Professor of Biblical Studies, Philadelphia Biblical University, 2007 – ; Westminster, 2006– ; Visiting Professor of Old Testament, Greek Bible College, Pikermi, Greece, 2010.

Publications: A New Grammar of Biblical Hebrew. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010; The Book of Proverbs: A Classified Bibliography. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2010 (with Ted Hildebrandt).