3.5 Westminster Bookstore

3.5 Westminster Bookstore


The Seminary maintains an online bookstore for the convenience of faculty and students where books may be purchased at significant discounts. In addition to textbooks for courses, the bookstore carries a complete line of books relating to theology, church history, apologetics, biblical studies, commentaries, and the Christian life. Students should inquire at the store about a special additional discount for textbooks ordered online.

In addition to the seminary community, wtsbooks.com reaches over 40,000 customers nationwide.

wtsbooks.com features many helpful resources such as reviews, recommendations, and downloadable sample pages. The bookstore maintains a blog at www.westminsterbookstore.com where customers can find new arrivals, interviews, and reviews. You can also follow them at www.twitter.com/wtsbooks.

Purchases from the Westminster Bookstore support the work of the Seminary.