8.2 Refunds and Appeals

8.2 Refunds and Appeals

8.2.a Refunds

During any academic term, students must notify the Registrar in writing of their request for a leave of absence or of their withdrawal from courses or from the Seminary. They may receive a partial refund on tuition for that term. A refund will not be given if the student’s leave of absence is 60 days or less and is the only leave of absence taken in a twelve-month period.

8.2.b Pro-Rata Refund Schedule

Students who withdraw or drop courses before 60 percent of a semester or term has elapsed will receive a pro-rata refund of tuition, fees, room, and other charges.

For example, students who withdraw after 10 percent of a semester has elapsed will receive a 90 percent refund, while students who withdraw after 22 percent of a semester has elapsed will receive a 78 percent refund. There will be no refunds after 60 percent of a course has elapsed.

After the first day of any semester or term a refund of room rent, less the non-refundable deposit, will be on a prorated basis; room rent will be refunded only if the room is re-rented and there is no other vacancy in the dormitories. Refund will be made only for the period during which the room is re-rented.

If an individual is suspended from the Seminary, no refund will be given.

8.2.c Appeals

Students who believe that individual circumstances warrant exceptions from the published policies regarding the charges and refunds may appeal to the Vice President for Finance or the Chief Operating Officer.