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8.3.5 Spouse Scholarship

The Spouse Scholarship covers tuition for up to the number of credits that the “full-time student” (as defined below) is taking in a given semester or term. The credits awarded must be applied only to classes necessary for the program in which the spouse is enrolled.

8.3.5.a Basic eligibility requirements:
  • Spouse of a full-time M.Div. student (“full-time student”)
  • Admitted and enrolled in the M.Div., M.A.R., M.A.B.C./M.A.U.M. or Certificate program
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: Cumulative GPA greater than or equal to 2.5 (qualitative) and, after completion of 24 credit hours, a credit completion rate greater than or equal to 75% (quantitative).
8.3.5.b Exception to the first requirement:

Spouses of full-time students in other programs may also apply for this scholarship, but signed approval from both the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Director of Admissions is required. Signed approval is incorporated into the application form.

8.3.5.c Application materials that must be submitted:
  • Westminster’s Spouse Scholarship Application form, available on the Westminster website (www.wts.edu) or from the Financial Aid Office
  • Proof of Marriage (e.g. copy of Marriage certificate, Joint Tax Return or Affidavit)
8.3.5.d Submission deadline:

Refer to Application Submission Deadlines .