8.3 Financial Aid
8.3.1 Scholarships -
General Information
8.3.2 Scholarships for US
and Canadian students
8.3.3 Scholarships for
International Students
8.3.4Scholarships for
Students in Advanced Degree
8.3.5 Spouse Scholarship
8.3.6 Special and "Named"
8.3.7 Scholarship
Application Submission
8.3.8 Scholarship Funds
8.3.9 Fellowships
8.3.10 Prizes
8.3.11 GI Bill Benefits
8.3.12 Government Loans
8.3.13 Alternative
Education Loans
8.3.14 Student Employment

8.3.9 Fellowships

Applicants seeking Fellowship Awards for advanced study at Westminster (or other institutions as indicated in some awards) must submit a formal admission application for the program they expect to pursue, in accordance with details for application described elsewhere in this catalog (see 5.1. General Requirements for Admission). All awards will be announced annually at commencement and applicants will be notified after this date.

Letters of application for the Jones, Montgomery, Stonehouse, Weersing, and Young Funds and Fellowships should be received by the Vice President for Academic Affairs by March 31 preceding the academic year for which the award is sought. The application letter should include the program of study, current status, and reason for seeking this award. These awards range between $300 and $1000 and are subject to change.

Recipients of these fellowships will be required to provide evidence that they are matriculated as students in an appropriate program of study before funds will be disbursed to them.

The Edwin L. Jones Graduate Fellowship Fund was established to provide opportunities for students from Westminster to pursue advanced study at Westminster or elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

The James H. Montgomery Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of awarding scholarships to students in the M.Div. program at Westminster or for advanced study at Westminster for applicants who hold the degree of M.Div. from Westminster, or its academic equivalent from other institutions.

The Ned B. Stonehouse Memorial Fund has been established by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of awarding fellowships for advanced study in the field of New Testament. It is open to students and alumni of Westminster.

The Weersing Scholarship Fund was established by the Rev. Jacob J. Weersing of Ripon, California for the purpose of awarding a scholarship for advanced study. Preference will be given to graduates of Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan, who intend to enter the ministry of the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

The Edward J. Young Memorial Fund has been established by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of awarding fellowships for advanced study or research in the field of Old Testament or other biblical studies at Westminster.