8.3 Financial Aid
8.3.1 Scholarships -
General Information
8.3.2 Scholarships for US
and Canadian students
8.3.3 Scholarships for
International Students
8.3.4Scholarships for
Students in Advanced Degree
8.3.5 Spouse Scholarship
8.3.6 Special and "Named"
8.3.7 Scholarship
Application Submission
8.3.8 Scholarship Funds
8.3.9 Fellowships
8.3.10 Prizes
8.3.11 GI Bill Benefits
8.3.12 Government Loans
8.3.13 Alternative Educa...
8.3.14 Student Employment

8.3.13 Alternative Education Loans

Students who are ineligible for government loans may apply for educational loans provided by commercial banks.  These loans have variable interest rates which are usually higher than those of government loans.  Students wishing to apply for a bank student loan should contact the bank for eligibility requirements and for application details and procedures.  Once the bank has processed the loan application, the financial aid office at Westminster will be contacted to certify the enrolment status of the loan applicant.  For details about specific loan programs offered by banks to please visit the Financial Aid Office.