6.11 Doctor of Philosophy
6.11.1 Admission to the
6.11.2 Registration
6.11.3 Degree Requirements
6.11.4 Hermeneutics and
Biblical Interpretation
6.11.5 Historical and
Theological Studies

6.11.2 Registration

Registration is contingent upon receipt of a transcript showing completion of any prerequisite degree. Registration dates are stated in the Academic Calendar. No student is permitted to register after the first ten days of the semester.

On registration day for doctoral students, the student will be assigned an academic advisor by the Field Committee, who will advise the student regarding the program of study throughout the period of residence. The entire program must achieve an appropriate balance between specialization and breadth, and the student must receive the academic advisor’s approval for courses taken each semester. While at Westminster, Historical and Theological Studies students are required to take two courses at another accredited institution. These courses must be specifically approved by their academic advisor. For Th.M. courses completed at Westminster, credit may be given for up to six courses of the residence requirement, depending on the nature and quality of the work; however, individuals who have actually obtained the Th.M. degree from Westminster may be given credit for up to five courses of the residence requirements. Only courses in which a grade of B or above was received will normally be considered for transfer credit.

For any required external courses at another school, the student should consult his or her academic advisor, make arrangements for enrollment at the other school, and report to the Westminster Registrar in writing before enrolling at the other school. Failure to conform to these stipulations may result in removal of the student from the program and in the refusal of Westminster to count these courses toward degree requirements. If no Westminster course is taken the semester a student is enrolled elsewhere, the student will not pay a continuation fee to Westminster.